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The open latticework pavilion provides a restful place for families to relax while their children play. It has an electrical outlet so any device may be used. It also has been used for several weddings when the lovely flowers are in bloom.

Maintenance free living

This provides all areas to be taken care of such as mowing, weeding, mulch, tree trimming and snow removal. Weekly cleaning of the hallways, windows and carpet is a plus.

Park area

Our park area setting makes available a place for games for children or lovely place for walks. The benches provided offer a restful respite from a long walk or jog. Barbecue grills are also provided for people to enjoy.
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Maintenance free living means your home, streets, lights, walkways, lawn, trees and shrubberies, swimming pool, tennis courts, community clubhouse ... everything is cared for and perfectly maintained by professionals. This unique feature to condominium home ownership is only one of many you'll find. Some condos have a carport, providing year round protection for your automobile. the carports help maintain the open clean look of the community.

Tastefully landscaped and designed, unique, private, patios afford homeowners  hours of relaxation.

In addition to quality, sound conditioned construction and other special standard features in each condominium home, great care and precaution has been given to total privacy and security. In order to maintain traffic control and safety on all community streets, single entry into the community has been designed. Further, all exterior lighting is positioned to afford maximum security. Privacy is assured by well landscaped grounds as well as a six foot high privacy fence surrounding the entire community.